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The Trans-Siberian Railway Encyclopedia

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3 reviews for The Trans-Siberian Railway Encyclopedia

  1. Tatyana Starova

    It’s the best book on the Trans-Siberian Railroad ever. I know Bob and I know that he’s written and travelled all over the world. His Okinawa book is great too. This Russia book is beyond compare – every rail station, every mountain, every tunnel, every river – loads of Russian history. It truly is an Encyclopedia!

  2. Priscilla Harriman

    This book is a marvelous journey in itself, an extraordinary compilation of advice and essential information on navigating this part of the world. The author, a master traveller, imparts his wisdom in entertaining and picturesque detail. A superb travel read.

  3. Alan L. Gallagher

    I love Russia and Siberia, and this is a wonderful to learn or reminisce about this important part of the world. Siberia, and the railway, is important and fascinating, not just for Russian, but also for Chinese, American, and world history. Out of Siberia came the great conquerors. Little known to most Americans, the United States sent an army into Siberia in the early 20th Century to fight the Red Communists. Americans know Siberia from the great movie Doctor Zhivago (and some from the even greater book) and from the works of Dostoievski (Ten Years in the House of the Dead, but Raskolnikov and Dmitri Karamazov also are sent to Siberia) and Sohlzhenitsyn (One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, and The Gulag Archipelago). Siberia is an essential part of the world and American story, not just the Russian story.

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